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COVID Update: The Firm is fully functional and open for meetings and business. If you prefer, a video meeting can be arranged.

Local Attorney on
Johns Island

John F. ("Joe") Perry of The Law Firm of John F. Perry, LLC is dedicated to providing reasonably priced and comprehensive legal advice to you in many situations you will encounter. Much like your primary care doctor is a family physician, Joe wants to be thought of as your family lawyer.  


Located on Johns Island, the firm can take care of a wide variety of issues, but primarily focuses on writing wills, trusts, health care directives and handling estates through Probate.  


Joe has brought forty-five years of legal experience to South Carolina. His office is devoted to being able to take care of many of the problems his clients bring to him.


Whatever your specific problem or question might be, The Law Firm of John F. Perry, LLC will work with you to find a solution.

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Contact Joe


(843) 830-5332

3021 Rushland Mews

Johns Island, SC 29455

VIDEO meetings available also-call or email to set one up.

Personal Practice

Over the years of his experience in South Carolina and Pennsylvania, Joe has identified a void that he intends to fill. Few, if any, lawyers or law firms handle a broad array of civil difficulties their clients might encounter. Most lawyers are specialists, focusing on one area, usually to the exclusion of others. Unlike these single-issue firms, Joe's practice covers many types of civil problems or questions his clients might have.


The Law Firm of John F. Perry was established with one goal in mind: to be able to handle nearly any civil matter its clients will encounter in their daily lives at a reasonable cost.  With more than thirty years of legal experience, Joe is uniquely qualified to conduct this type of practice. Over those years, he has been involved in a wide range of cases, and has dealt with contracts, employment, health care, real estate, corporate, insurance and probate matters, to name a few.  





Areas of Practice


Wills, Trusts, Small Estates and Probate

Small Business

Insurance and Health Care



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