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Practice Areas

The following are the firm's principal areas of practice. However, as an attorney with experience in a variety of civil legal matters, Joe may be able to help you with your legal issue that might not fit neatly into one of these areas. Call Joe at any time to see if he can help with your problem.
Wills, Trusts and Probate

Having a will is vitally important.


Everybody naturally wants their property to be distributed according to their wishes after they die.  If you don't have a will, the state decides who gets what. The statutes determining the distribution of your estate don't care what you might have wanted. The only way to ensure that your desires are heard is to have a written will.


Joe can draft your will, whether it is simple or complex, whether your property consists of a few items of sentimental value or a large amount of property. Furthermore, Joe can take care of probating your estate - taking it through the court system, making sure your bills are paid, and ensuring that your heirs comply with your wishes.

Business Law


From formation through closure, every business needs a lawyer.  Joe is experienced in corporate and business practice, whether you are starting a small firm or operating a large corporation.


Having a lawyer familiar with your particular business is invaluable.  Once an attorney knows your business, he can assist you in a wide range of situations.  Joe can help you deal with the Office of the Secretary of State as you are forming your company, or help you with your regular shareholder meetings and minutes.  He can help with employee matters or client issues.  When necessary, he can help wind up the business and ensure that all proceedings are done in full accordance with the law.


During his years of practice in Pittsburgh, Joe handled corporate litigation on both a small and a large scale, and is always available whether you are in need of advice and assistance, in the boardroom or the courtroom.  The Law Firm will be there to help you with your business' legal needs.

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Insurance and Health Care Law


The laws and rules of health care insurance appear to be changing on a daily basis. One of Joe's principal areas of expertise during his practice with Springer Bush & Perry was health care and insurance litigation.  Joe is familiar with many of the complexities of insurance policies and coverage, and can help you navigate through through the maze of insurance coverages,exclusions and denials.


As a part of his practice, Joe knows the details of dealing with insurance companies and medical professionals.



Contract Law

Almost every aspect of daily life involves contracts. Most of these are informal and oral, but each time  you make a purchase at the grocery store or have the oil changed in your car you have entered into a contract.


More complex matters usually require written contracts. These contracts can cover your employment or the purchase of your home.  It is always a good idea to have a lawyer review any contract you are thinking about signing, and Joe has years of experience both drafting and reviewing contracts.


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